The Maria Effect

“Moving, incredibly uplifting, and truly an inspiration.” – FOX TV

“The Maria Effect is stellar! There were lots of tears and laughter. You’ve got to see it! You’re going to love it!”  – Marcia Eichelberger, President of the Autism Society of Santa Barbara

“There are few performers who can elicit uproarious laughter and deep pathos from an audience in one sitting. Mike Guido, in his show, The Maria Effect, took me on a ride of emotions that stayed with me for days after. The Maria Effect brings a level of understanding, compassion, and humor that builds bridges and raises awareness in a way few things could. You’ll leave more human than you came. A must see.” – Jo Schaffer,  Author

Matthew Pulliam, a young adult who is on the spectrum, said this about the show: 

“Inspirational. It made me feel proud of who I am and how far I have come in my life.”

“Everyone walks away from The Maria Effect knowing that autism is not a tragedy. Rather, with an enlightened set of eyes, it is a gift. I would recommend “The Maria Effect” to every parent, professional, and extended family member who cares about someone with autism.” – Aaron Blocher-Rubin, Executive Director Arizona Autism United